A collaborative platform to solve problems of Bharat with AI

OUR Mission


AI is a technology for the future. India is a civilisation of the ages, but with significant socio-economic challenges currently. AI4Bharat is a community of engineers, domain experts, policy makers, and academicians collaborating to build AI solutions to solve India’s problems, today.


Domains of Focus




Four Functions

We believe that the pace of innovation in AI for good can be significantly increased by systematising the process of problem discovery and solution engineering. In addition, there is need for education and robust commentary. AI4Bharat is built around these four functions.


discover - problem finding

Problems exist in the real world and datasets exist in silos, both generally inaccessible to AI engineers. AI4Bharat is a platform for problem discovery wherein organisations and individuals post templated problem statements, provide accompanying datasets, and identify the corresponding value generated. Each problem is accompanied by community-led discussion to refine the problem statement and find connections with other problems or datasets.


A large success of AI has been due to democratised technology. However, the effect of this democratisation is not readily accessible to problem solvers on the ground. In this function, we will provide a streamlined AI pipeline combining access to cloud resources, design patterns, and educational resources to make the process of AI solutioning accessible to a wider community. We will also aim for reproducibility and maintainability.

EDUCATE - capacity building

With the number of research papers in AI and related areas growing exponentially, it is hard for even researchers to keep pace with the latest findings. There is thus an acute need for innovations in pedagogy and delivery to ensure that engineers constantly update their practical and theoretical knowledge on AI. Beyond this, access should be provided to domain experts on broadly understanding the technology and its potential impact.

comment - opinion pieces

Framing opinion about AI at all levels - for the general public, domain experts, technologists, programmers, and government - is of high significance. We aim to robustly review the state of current adoption and future opportunities in domains such as healthcare, agriculture, vernacular languages, and finance. More generally, we also aim to provide balanced perspectives on topics such as AI ethics, potential job losses, and role of governance in AI.


Vikram Sarabhai

Space architect of India

… we must be second to none in the application of advanced technologies to the real problems of man and society. 



Across multiple projects, AI4Bharat has open positions for folks with technical and domain expertise. Check out the projects page and apply here.



solo contributors

Passionate students and freelancer AI experts and enthusiasts with interest in developing solutions to posed open problems.



leading ai experts

Mentors from academia and industry who are currently doing research and building cutting-edge AI solutions



governments and ngos

Far-sighted Government bodies and NGOs working on making an impact on the ground by actively adopting AI solutions.