A collaborative platform to solve problems of Bharat with AI

Our Charter


1. keep it real | solve, today

AI4Bharat is oriented towards action. We will focus on solving real challenges, today. This requires careful and constant balancing between state-of-the-art techniques with practical domain knowledge and deployment. The latter is at times found not to be as glamorous, but is perhaps the most crucial piece in creating impact.

2. do it together | open community

AI4Bharat aims to create significant network effects in innovation in AI. This requires that people from different organisations and backgrounds join the community, have an effective communication, and build consensus on action plans. We will always prioritise open innovation with the imperative of the greater good.

3. impact at Speed | exponentiate

AI4Bharat is challenged to act at speed, to match up to the rapid pace in AI development and the gravity/scale of challenges Bharat faces. This requires thinking big and setting the right goals to work towards as a community. We will also build processes and platforms to benefit from the exponentiation power that comes with more data and partners.